what is sms marketing

SMS Marketing

Sms marketing

SMS also called text message used by businesses to inform customers and/or audience for their scheduled appointments, OTP, Alerts, offers, discounts or promotions to new and current customers. SMS marketing are used to bring quick sales compare print and other electronic media marketing.

Transaction SMS

Transnational SMS are used by business to send information to their customers, banks used them to send transaction alerts, and OTP (one time password) while some businesses used them to inform customers with their booking, order and/or alerts to their registered users.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS also called "Bulk SMS Marketing" or "SMS Marketing" which are mainly used by business to offers, discounts or promotions to new and current customers.

sms Short Codes

Short codes in UAE are 4 digit mobile number which is used to send and received text messages, purpose of short code to engage new and current customers, it is often used by businesses here in Dubai to subscribed for new offers and alerts, we at SMS Marketing UAE offer two type of short code "dedicated short code" and "shared short code" explain below.


A dedicated short code is assigned to a specific business such as company or organization, they can used to send multiple campaign, any reply sent by end to user back to the short code will be received by the same company the short code is provisioned to.


A shared short code is gateway between several companies which means multiple companies are using same short code to communicate with their new and current customers, each and every company are using specific keyword within the SMS campaign, for example ABC company is assigned to get reply from their customers with keyword ABC, for example a customer reply to one campaign with keyword ABC, gateway then automatically recognized by detecting keyword ABC and forward the same message to ABC inbox.

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