SMS Marketing UAE Database can be filtered by City, Nationality, Gender, Age, Salary or Income and/or Area's Wise.

SMS Marketing UAE - Packages

Packages below are based on volume, the higher package you purchase the less price you get per SMS, you can select a package which suite your requirements, all our packages come with one year validity this mean if you purchase it today you can use balance for the whole year, once you finish your balance you have to top-up your account to continue using your account.

You can send us your requirements if the below packages doesn't suite your needs, we will quote you according to your requirements as per your needs.

Each Package Includes

  1. Free Brand Name (Sender ID) Registration:

  2. Free Generic Sender ID along with Generic Shared Short Code

  3. Free Full Facility SMS Control Panel

  4. Send SMS Online from Panel or API

  5. Scheduled SMS or SMS Campaign

  6. Free API Access for External Applications

  7. Export Reports for SMS sent through API

  8. Free Mobile Number Subscribers Database Access

  9. English, Arabic and other language text support for SMS

  10. View SMS Delivery Reports

  11. Export SMS Delivery Reports to Microsoft Excel

  12. Pay as you go service with No Monthly Contracts

  13. SMS Templates Support

  14. Contact Management

  15. Contact Group Management

  16. Sender ID's Management

  17. Users Management for Resellers and Group of Companies

  18. Free White-Lable SMS Control Panel for Resellers and Partners.

  19. Free White-Label Control Panel URL for Resellers and Partners.

  20. Free 7 Days Support

Mobile Numbers Database Dubai

Mobile Subscribers list

Mobile Number Database is list of UAE mobile numbers (du & etisalat) which can be filtered with City, Nationality, Gender, Age, Income-wise as well as some of the list can be filtered with area's within a city, we update our database every quarter of the year to make sure it doesn't have invalid numbers, we guarantee 85% plus accuracy due to the fact that some people might be using multiple numbers, some might be outside the country, you also have a facility to build and create your own list of mobile numbers, send messages to your own database.

We can provide our customers the option to send SMS to below pre-defined categories.

Subscribers Main Categories:

    • UAE Locals (Multiple Categories)

    • Asians (Mix & Categories)

    • Arabs (Mix, by Countries)

    • Europeans (Categories)

    • Americans (North & South)

    • Russians (Categories)

    • Expatriates (Mix)

    • Indian's & Pakistanis (Categories)

    • High Net-Worth Individuals (Categories)