Bulk SMS Packages

We are offering Volume base packages to our customers from which they can select the package which suit best to their requirements, please check it out below.

Volume Based Packages

Our all packages are design based on the volume as per the pricing we get from our operator, the SMS volume are categorized from 0 to million, you can send either 0 to 1000 messages or more per the packages listed below. you discount is subject to the following packages. I you are customer sending messages every month you get definitely more discount just let us know by giving us call or send us an email and we will provide you the best offer possible from our side.
The more you send SMS the more you get discount please check our volume based rate below.

Number Of SMS Message

Price Per SMS (AED)

One Time Cost (No Hidden Cost)

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5,000 SMS

0.13 AED (13 Fills)

650 AED One Time Cost

10,000 SMS

0.10 AED (10 Fills)

1000 AED One Time Cost

20,000 SMS

0.09 AED (9 Fills)

1800 AED One Time Cost

50,000 SMS

0.08 AED (8 Fills)

4000 AED One Time Cost

100,000 SMS

0.07 AED (7 Fills)

7000 AED One Time Cost

250,000 SMS

0.0675 AED (6.75 Fills)

16,875 AED One Time Cost

500,000 SMS

0.065 AED (6.5 Fills)

32,500 AED One Time Cost

1,000,000 SMS

0.055 AED (6 Fills)

55,000 AED One Time Cost

Number Of SMS Messages

Price Per SMS (AED)

One Time Cost (No Hidden Cost)

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Message Contents – Character Limits

SMS messages is limited to few character as it stand for “Shot Message Service”, the number of characters depend on the language, English language support more characters while non-English languages support less characters, more ever you can check the if the number of messages increased per page the character become less, please find more details on chart below.
Number of characters per message is limited by the follow chart:

No of Characters


Message Char Count

Up to 160 Charactors



Between 161 to 314



Between 315 to 468



Up to 70 Charactors

Arabic (Non-English)


Between 71 to 134

Arabic (Non-English)


Between 135 to 198

Arabic (Non-English)


List of UAE Database

You can find exact figure below for our database, the available mean that we have the filtration available for the same.

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