SMS Marketing FAQs

What’s the price for each SMS ?

We have different packages with different prices, its depend on the package you select, for higher volume the price is less for less volume the price is regular.

What packages do you have ?

We have Packages starting from 10,000 SMS Credits up to a Millions such as 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 and 1 million.

How you can help me with bulk SMS ?

We have large database for UAE mobile subscribers which is more than 3 million in totals, our database can be City, Nationality, Gender, Age, Areal, Locals Emiratis, VIP, Visitors, Property Owners, Business Owners, Students etc.

We can help you extract mobile subscribers per the audience get interest in your products which can boost your marketing campaign.

Do you provide software for SMS ?

Yes we give you full access to our online web application, where you will login with your own username/password and you can send messages from there, you can also upload your contacts and make groups per your requirements.

Do you have Abu Dhabi database ?

Yes we database for all emirates cities includes Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Musafa, Fujeirah, Ras Al Khaima, Ajman etc.

These databases can be filtered with nationality, gender, age and salary (same goes for other cities).

How do we know our message is delivered ?

We provide complete report for your campaign which includes, message, date and time, senderID, and delivery status (we just hide last digits of the number to protect our database).

I want my company name in message is it possible ?

You mean sender ID (the name of the sender appear in the message at the top), yes we can register your sender ID with etisalat and du within 2 business days, after that when you send message the recipient will see your company name as sender, sender id should be less or equal to 11 Char, space is also count is one character.

What is the response when we send campaign ?

Response depends totally on business type and the offer do you have for your customers, if you are offering great products/services you will get great response.

What is validity of my SMS purchased ?

We provide validity life time, you just need to remind us after 12 months if you have credits.

I can see 5.5 fils price in your website, why you can’t give me that price?

That’s for more than 1 million messages, if you purchase bigger volume you get more discount.

Do you provide APIs ?

Yes we provide SMPP and HTTP APIs.

Do you provide your data to us so we can send it from our side ?

Yes we can provide you partial access to our data, we will provide you an account specific to your company, we will upload databases there so you can use them from your own account

To send 50,000 sms , could you explain procedures ?

We offer 2 procedures for sending SMS, one for your own database and the second with our database.

Case 1: if you have your own database we will provide you a separate account with username/password and we will guide you how to send messages from that account and you can use that account for your sms campaign.

Case 2: we can also send your message to our own database, we just need text message from your side, your targeted audience and the date/time you prefer to send campaign.

Note: you can send your messages in parts like 10,000 message on Saturday, 10,000 on Sunday, 10,000 on Monday and so on.

How can I protect my own database ?

Yes we offer you protected account, we will give you username/password to your own account, you can change that password and then we will not see your database, it is then 100% protected.

I want to send SMS from my own company name, whats the procedure ?

You mean sender ID (the name of the sender appear in the message), yes we can register your sender ID with etisalat and du within 2 business days, after that when you send message the recipient will see your company name as sender.

What is the maximum length allowed for sender ID ?

Sender ID should be less than or equal to 11 Characters, empty space is also count as 1 character.

Do you provide WhatsApp Marketing Solutions ?

Yes we do provide whatsapp marketing solutions, whatsapp marketing are used to send MMS and large text messages, advantage of whatsapp is you can send more details about your service as possible in one message.

What is SEO and SEM ?

SEO is search engine optimization and SEM is search engine marketing.

If I purchase a package of 10,000 messages from you, how many time in a days/week/months I can send them ?

You can send SMS everyday or even every hour until you finish your balance, once you finish balance of 10,000 message you will need to recharge your account to send more messages.

What is the length allowed for one message ?

In English 160 character and in Arabic 70 character.

In English from 1- 160 character its count as 1 SMS, from 161-314 character its count 2 SMS messages, from 315-468 its count as 3 SMS messages and so on.

In Arabic from 1-70 character its 1 SMS message, from 71-134 character its count as 2 SMS message, from 315-195 its count as 3 SMS messages.

How much you charge for lengthy message ?

Its depend how many pages your message is? if it is 2 pages we charge double, if it is 3 pages we charge triple.

Is the pricing are same for all countries ?

No, we offer different prices for different countries.

I want to send message by myself, do you provide such service ?

Yes, We will create an account specific for your company and then you can send messages from there.

Is it possible to send SMS through mobile ?

Yes, our application is compatible with all smart devices.

Do you provide bulk fax and voice solutions ?

No, currently we are not providing such services.

I need to buy 50,000 bulk sms packages, what are the procedures to purchase them? Is any documentation is required ?

No documents are required, you just need to ask us for an invoice and once the invoice is processed your order will also be processed per your instructions.

How long it take 1 million sms delivering ?

We have fastest route directly connected to operator allowing us to send 100 SMS per second, normally its take less than 3-4 hours to deliver 1 million SMS but again its depend on traffic on operator side.

Do you provide MMS services ?

No, we suggest whatsapp marketing instead.

I purchase 50,000 bulk sms, but only 45,000 sms is sending successful and balance 5000 were failed? What the reason ?

We only guarantee 85% to 90% delivery because some peoples are out of town and some are using two mobile phones some time people unsubscribe to receive promotion sms and some time they blocked promotional sms in the smart device.

Do you accept cheque payments ?

Yes, we accept cash, cheque, bank transfer, exchange transfer and/or credit card/PayPal payments.

Do you accept LPO ?

Yes but from our regular customers or in exceptional cases.

Is there any discount for regular customers ?

Yes we offer exclusive discount to our regular customers.

I don’t have database, how can you help me ?

We have large database for over UAE and we can filter them with City, Nationality, Gender, Age and salary range, and we can used them for your campaign, let us know your targeted audience and we can proceed.

Can you provide your data so we can send SMS by ourselves ?

Yes we can provide you limited access to our database so you can select your targeted audience and send the message from your side with 100% confidence, you can have report after sending the campaign in the same account provided to you for data access.

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